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It has been used for gathering information about the target using this tool.

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Information gathering is an important phase of hacking, it means to gather information about the target as much as you can. The reconnaissance level of the target itself determines the success rate. Always pay your much effort and time towards gathering information about the target. If you know who runs your target application ,how does it work , where the request has been send, from where the response is coming, what services are running on target server, what version of these services are used by developer, what configuration has been used by default,are developers smart enough to change the default credentials,are devices using updated versions of software or not and much more. this is a really very important and crucial phase of hacking and penetration testing while searching for bugs. We should always spend much time sharpening the tool rather than on attacking.

  1. Information gathering is about collecting in and out information about the target from anywhere on the internet.
  2. Information gathering is divided into two parts one is passive or another is using tools knowns as active. Both techniques are used to gather as much information as we can about the target.

In this tool by PRESSING 1 you can perform this step of hacking in a very well structured manner.

What does this tool do for information gathering?

  1. Here in this tool, we have followed a proper sequence and record collection to gather the most suitable and important information regarding the target.
  2. It will open some links in the browser which can you to read about the target in detail and to get in-depth information about the target. The links will be related to the target like its website, its blog, its Linkedin Profile, its social media pages, its google information, or pages ranked as top by google according to the keyword you have entered for target.
  3. It will also open some links which can give the best information about the target. These websitesa are most commonly used for information gathering. the sites are Shodan , Whois, GHDB, DNSStuff , OSINT Framework and much more.
  4. It will save the results of whois information in the file name whois.txt inside the subdirectory Information gathering of directory named on target’s name for the future references.
  5. It will also the route to the servers of target from the device we are using in a file named traceroute.txt in the same sub directory.
  6. It will also save the links which it has opened in the browser in the file footprinting.txt for the future references.
  7. It also asks for downloading the hacker’s handbook for advance google searches to learn more about information gathering.
  8. It also asks for downloading the OWASP penetration testing guide to search for a vulnerability in a website.this can be very helpful to learn about the hacker’s methodology to find bugs in a website.

Thanks for reading about this tool,please have experience on the tool via downloading it from the Github.

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