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Scanning is done to examine the system for ports and services running on it.

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Scanning is another phase of hacking, which is also coming under reconnaissance, it has been used to map the network or system thoroughly and to get detail of every end-point of the system. It refers to the scanning of the servers or systems by knowing the ports which are open, filtered or closed. To know about the services running, which version of these services are used by the target. Scanning helps to find the proper exploit to exploit the target or helps in making the strategy to reach out to the loophole by analyzing the inner architecture very well. Scanning also helps to determine the strength of the target. Multiple options are available to do scanning among which Nmap and burp suite are the best. In this tool we have used Nmap to scan the target thoroughly. Burpuite can be used to understand the requests as it intercepts all the requests and also the responses . then it can be used to find loopholes in the target via their http headers and methods also.

In this tool by PRESSING 2 you can perform this step of hacking in a very well structured manner.

What does this tool do for Scanning?

  1. Here in this tool, we have used Nmap for scanning the target for vulnerable things.
  2. Nmap is an open-source widely used by penetration testers and hackers to gather information about the system and network. It has many options with it to scan the target thoroughly.
  3. Vulnorator will do a heavy scan on target for finding all the services running on which ports. To find the ports which are open, closed or filtered.
  4. It searches for both TCP as well as UDP Ports.It will scan all the necessary ports like 21,22,23,80,53,135,139,445,443,1024,6544 and much more.
  5. It also tries to gather information about Operating System running on the target server.
  6. All this information will be saved in a text file named scanning.txt in the sub-directory named Scanning inside the directory named on target name.
  7. This file can be collected and analyzed patiently to understand the target’s system and configurations.
  8. It also asks to download the cheat sheet for Nmap scan for future aspect or to learn more about Nmap capabilities.

Thanks for reading about this mode of vulnorator,if you like it please have hands on this tool practicaly also by downloading it from Github account .

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