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Github Link For Project : https://github.com/vaibhavpareek/vulnorator.git

Enumeration is defined as the process of extracting user names, os, network resources, shares and services from a system. The gathered information is used to identify the vulnerabilities or weak points in system security and tries to exploit the System gaining phase.For the enumeration phase with extracting more information, we can exploit as well to get access to the target resources.

what does this tool do for enumeration and exploitation?

Here in this tool, we have 4 options to play around with enumeration and exploitation.

  1. SQLMAP: it is an inbuilt tool reside in Kali Linux, but in Vulnorator we have given you interface to deal with SQLMAP in a user-driven menu with options. Here you can just confirm your choice and the attack will begin on that target link,that you have mentioned.
    1. List DB: To list all the databases existing in the server of the target.
    2. List Tables: To list all the tables of a selected database by you.
    3. List Columns: To list all the columns of that particular table of a particular database.
    4. Dump DB: Dump the database content and save it tot a folder.
  2. METASPLOIT: It is the most popular tool used by penetration testers and hackers to exploit the vulnerabilities. It also helps you to find exploits as well as for scanning the target for a particular vulnerability using inbuilt scanners.
    1. Here in vulnorator , you have been provided with a quite Metasploit shell with all services running implicitly. You just need to through the command to exploit the target.
    2. [+]To See Requirements: show options
    3. [+]To Set the environment: set RHOSTS
    4. [+]To See Payload: show payloads
    5. [+]To Use the payload: set PAYLOAD
    6. [+]To Exploit: exploit or run
  3. Search the exploit: SearchSploit or ExploitDB
    1. Here in vulnorator , you have been provided with an option to search for a particular exploit that exists in the system via exploitdb by just entering the keyword. By that keyword, you will get a list of exploits with their compatibility with the target to get exploited or not.
    2. You can just copy the suitable exploit and copy it. Now you use the option 3 for METASPLOIT shell, where using the command “use <exploit >” you can run the exploit.
    3. It contains all known exploits for different-different vulnerabilities.
  4. How to exploit: This feature of Vulnorator helps you to learn about the tactics of exploitation and to know about the best material provided on the internet to study vulnerabilities and their exploitation.

Thanks for reading about this tool ,if you want to download vulnorator then click on this link to Github project of vulnorator which is given above.

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