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Categorically all vulnerabilities are distributed to allow the user to read and understand about it very well. With best resources to practice and learn about that vulnerability in a single platform, Vulnorator helps you to be better and smarter.

There are in total we have 22 Categories in all vulnerabilities has been divided with the help of bugcrowd taxonomy in mind. Each category has vulnerabilities from informational to a critical level. It took months for me to gather all the best resources for each vulnerability to one platform. I would also request other developers and cybersecurity professionals to contribute in this project by mentioning or providing the best available resource for that vulnerability on Github.

My aim is to make this tool to be available on every penetretion tester’s lab to understand and learn each day something new about a new vulnerability.

Categories of Vulnerability :

[1]  Server Security Misconfiguration
[2]  Server-Side Injection
[3]  Broken Authentication and Session Management
[4]  Sensitive Data Exposure
[5]  Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
[6]  Broken Access Control (BAC)
[7]  Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
[8]  Application-Level Denial-of-Service (DoS)
[9]  Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards
[10] External Behavior
[11] Insufficient Security Configurability
[12] Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
[13] Insecure Data Storage
[14] Lack of Binary Hardening
[15] Insecure Data Transport
[16] Insecure OS/Firmware
[17] Broken Cryptography
[18] Privacy Concerns
[19] Network Security Misconfiguration
[20] Mobile Security Misconfiguration
[21] Client-Side Injection
[22] Automotive Security Misconfiguration

Some categories are defined in greater detail. for others very soon I will release the resources information. I would request all the developer also to mention about the best resources, they know about the particular category.

To see the detailed information of each category ,download the tool or read from the file in the project Vulnorator on Github.

Thanks for reading this ,please contribute to make it a best tool to learn and understand about vulnerability.

Vaibhav Pareek – (Developer Vulnorator)

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Vaibhav is a hard-working individual with a smart thought process. He loves to work on web-based projects maybe it is the development of the website, development of penetration testing report. People can approach him for individual or group projects, also with projects he loves to give tech talks. He would be very happy if you could reach him for technical seminars or talks .it will be completely free of cost. Always ready to enhance awareness about the importance of cybersecurity through various platforms. His passion is to learn new and cool stuff. The best quality of his can be the way he presented his work. Most important he is a learner who is always open to new stuff and to gain knowledge. Always feel free to give suggestions to improve this website.

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